Guaranteed Rent
Leasing Service

Full Property


Tenant Find

Free repairs and maintenance

Long term contracts

No admin costs

No rent arrears

Free inventory

No voids

Guaranteed Rent

Tenancy training

No admin fees

Free inventory

We work with you

No advertising fees

No obligation

Tenant Find Service

Peace of mind

Day-to-day repairs

No renewal fees

No hidden costs

Property management

Helping to provide
affordable accommodation
to those in need

Peace of mind

Guaranteed Rent

With our Guaranteed Rent Leasing Service, we rent the property from you. You benefit from your rent paid every month, with no voids.

Property Maintenance

We look after your property, including all repairs and maintenance with no additional cost to you.

We Find Tenants

We work with you to find the best to put the best-suited tenant in your property and take care of all aspects of the move.

What Landlords Get

Hassle-free, long term, guaranteed rent, with full compliancy and free safety checks.

Making money whilst doing good.