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Simon’s Story

“At my lowest point, I felt like the saddest man in the world. My son had been taken from me, I was living an isolated life in a tent in the woods. I was drinking. I was using heroin. I was thinking seriously about taking my own life.

“I spent two months in that desperate situation before trying to seek help. I stopped drinking and using heroin and tried to find accommodation but was turned away from everywhere. Luckily, I got in touch with DHI, who found me a place in a supported dry house, giving me a stable roof over my head and the help I needed to stay abstinent.

“After a few months, I felt confident enough to move into a self-contained flat managed by Home Turf Lettings, where I still live now. I’ve regained my independence and I’m now working again in construction, but if I ever do need help, I know it’s there.”

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