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Will’s Story

Will found himself coming to the end of his stay in temporary accommodation with no further accommodation forthcoming for him. Due to his age, he was only eligible for the shared room rate for LHA, which left few housing options. Will had lost both of his parents before adulthood, and so didn’t have a support network in place to reach out to in order to help him with some form of accommodation when he needed to give up a secure tenancy due to domestic violence.

With all of the uncertainty surrounding his housing, he was unable to sustain a job, and being out of employment made it extremely difficult to access the Private Rented Sector, especially at a time when an increased number of tenants wanted to move and demand was outweighing supply.

Will was referred to Home Turf Lettings when a room in a shared home became available, just weeks before his temporary accommodation was due to end. He was able to view quickly and had the opportunity to meet the other housemates in the property, so that he could make an informed decision about his next steps. Whilst Will really wanted his own property, he felt that a shared house with Home Turf Lettings would give him the opportunity to have a stable home from which he could look for work and start to build up a deposit for moving into his own accommodation in the future.

Without securing a property with Home Turf Lettings, Will may have been unable to find alternative accommodation once he left his temporary accommodation and wouldn’t be in the position where he was able to confidently plan for his future.

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