Empty Homes Scheme

No Use Empty: is there an empty home near YOU?

Home Turf Lettings can provide owners of empty properties with interest free loans to finance the refurbishment of properties in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath and North East Somerset local authorities. We can handle all aspects of the refurbishment, from arranging quotes to project managing the contractors.  So not only do you get “free money”, it really is a “zero hassle” solution. The level of loan available through the scheme will depend on the type and size of the property and will be repaid via the rents received for the property, over an agreed term.

If your property meets the following criteria and you need some assistance in bring it back into use and earning you an income please get in touch:

  • The property is located in Bristol, South Gloucestershire or Bath and North East Somerset
  • It is privately owned (not social housing)
  • The property has been empty for 6 months or more

After refurbishment, the property will need to be leased to or managed by Home Turf Lettings and be let out at an affordable rent (at the Local Housing Allowance rate) for at least 5 years.

To find out more about our leasing and management services visit the About Us page.

Grants and Interest Free Loans
If your property needs some attention beofre you can rent it out, we can help with Grants, Interest-Free loans and full project managment
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Refurbish - Regenerate - Renew
We can turn your existing property into a revenue producing asset
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If you own an empty property, or know of one that you would like to see brought back into use as affordable housing, please call 0117 301 2560 or email hello@hometurflettings.co.uk.