Case Studies

One of our success stories:

When Joan inherited a family property, she decided to rent it out and wanted the assurance that the tenant would be reliable and the property looked after.

Sarah had recently been made homeless, and was currently sleeping on her son’s sofa. She found out about Home Turf through the local housing support charity DHI.

We met with Joan to ensure we fully understood her needs, and appraised the property to check it was suitable for rental. We helped her to arrange the necessary works to bring it up to rental standards.

Meeting and assessing Sarah, we were confident that she would prove to be a reliable tenant. Joan’s property suited her requirements and we worked with Sarah in all aspects of the move.

As a result 6 months into the tenancy both parties are very happy. Joan has guaranteed rental income with no hassle, while Sarah has a home.

When issues have arisen (minor repairs to the bathroom) we have taken care of this. Joan is happy that she has the reliable assurance that her property is both occupied and looked after.